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All images and samples are owned by their respective creators and are widely available on the web for free.

Creating typefaces takes time, money, energy, and lots of skill. I always try to link directly to the creator of a certain typeface so you can buy directly from them. They get 100% of the profit that way.

Many designers also sell through bigger organizations for greater distribution, but those companies always take a cut (either 70/30 or 50/50) so I encourage you to buy directly from the creator rather than the reseller whenever you have that option. In other cases, buying from a reseller is the only option. Because of that I am a happy affiliate with and That means if you follow my links to their site and make a purchase I’ll get a little kickback, but there’s no pressure to do so.

I’ve got a fun mix of typefaces going on here. TypeTogether’s Maiola is the serif used for headings and Karmina Sans is the body text. Those quirky links are set in Aniuk by Typejockeys. Because they actually had a wider selection of distinct typefaces, I’m using Fontdeck to handle the whizbangery that makes all the text beautiful. I really hope you’re viewing my site on Safari, Firefox, or Chrome; anything else is pretty much a waste of time.

My other site, Words from a Father, is big on life lessons. I started it as a way to leave something for my children in case something unexpected and quite final were to overtake me. In the meantime I hope you find something worthwhile on both sites.

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