Video: Jonathan Hoefler on “Type at the Crossroads”

by jfjudah

Video: Jonathan Hoefler at AIGA: “Type at the Crossroads”

This is one of the best expressed understandings of type on the web that I have seen. From the introductory Helvetica musings to unpacking the technical details of generating fonts for the web, Hoefler is funny, erudite, and a wordsmith. And opinionated, which makes it that much better. His take on what makes a typeface that certain typeface is spot on — spoiler: it’s the feel of it — and the solution H&F-J have landed on is so obviously correct — get it to feel right by letting the idea of a certain typeface determine the form it must take in each medium.

After this, I understand better why it is taking so long for them to get their typefaces on the web. They are, after all, one of the last foundries to port their catalog for Internet use. At least we know they’ll be done right once they’re released. Until then we can try to contain our smoldering jealousy for those lucky ones already using Whitney on their site.