The Lowe’s Logo

by jfjudah

Am I the only one who thinks the S in the Lowe’s logo is not in harmony with the rest of the squarish letters?

Lowe’s Logo

Lowe’s Logo

I mean, I’m happy DIN is used on the web and in their commercials. DIN fits the serious nature of DIY home improvement: it’s rational, no-nonsense, reliable, and tough. But that S has been driving me nuts for quite a while. It’s the only curvy element in the logo, so it looks out of place. It’s the only piece that doesn’t say trustworthy construction, but Dear, let’s call a professional.

An S curves by nature; that’s what makes it an S and not a 5. But the curves could have been tighter and those terminals could have been more horizontal to keep with the solid nature of the rest of the letters. I keep thinking it’ll topple. Just like that one time I built a deck all by myself. The S here feels less like Dubai-Burj-Khalifa-work-of-art and more like house-of-cards-made-of-slick-plastic. At any moment — I can just feel it — that S is gonna slip right off the end of that gable. It’s already headed downhill.