Stan Typeface from OurType

by jfjudah

Stan Typeface from OurType.

Distinction wins the branding game, folks. So here’s a slab serif with an actual personality, meaning you’ll immediately be able to recognize this in a crowd of other slabs.

Stan Four-Weight Sample

Stan Four-Weight Sample

The j and f look like twins flipped upside down. I love how that north-bound ear on the lowercase g matches the rest of the slabs, but how the oblique angle breaks up the slab’s natural vertical emphasis. And I’m a sucker for the way the italic f drops below the baseline. I have always liked typefaces that make that choice. And notice how the lower left-hand side serifs disappear in the italic so the speed is emphasized. Very nice.

Stan comes in two versions: Stan and Stan Plus. The plus means that the ascenders and descenders are longer, which is useful when space is not a real concern. Think of it as the difference between Mrs. Eaves and Mrs. Eaves XL. And use it well.