Best Dressed Fonts

by jfjudah

Best Dressed Fonts.

Glad to see IE taking major steps here. (NOTE: I had originally worded this rudely, but this current verbiage is truly what I meant. I’m not above clarifying and improving my word choice. I’m very happy to see Microsoft taking a major leap from where they currently are to where all browsers should be.)

My real frustration is this:

Note that because Firefox and IE implemented different versions of the draft[,] the value syntax they accept is different. For example, enabling kerning in both browsers requires the following:

-ms-font-feature-settings: “kern” 1;

-moz-font-feature-setting: “kern=1”;

What is it about companies — all of them — that force coders to write specifically for them? Really, Microsoft couldn’t have just gone with what Mozilla had already baked in? This irks me to no end. Stop picking the version (or creating your own version) that suits you and your company. Go with the established one that suits the user and the other coders. We already have a long history of forcing coders to do almost entire rewrites so IE doesn’t break when accessing your URL. So let’s not make this more difficult than it has to be.

On to happier subjects. Isn’t FF Milo just gorgeous when it’s that big? I mean, c’mon, that lowercase a is beautiful, the non-connected leg of the k is great for small print (ink won’t glob up there), and the elegance of the bottom right leg of the k is subtle. FF Ernestine is a fun slab serif; I’m liking it a lot.