Nokia Lumia 800: In-Depth 8-Minute Video Documentary

by jfjudah

Nokia Lumia 800: In-Depth 8-Minute Video Documentary on YouTube.


A few good things first:

  • The curved glass that can be swiped from the edge is very nice.
  • The large size typography is a great differentiating factor and seems to present quite well.
  • The foreground/background effect is very cool and helps to orient the user as to where they are in the system (1:30, 3:30, 6:20).
  • The shape looks great; that 3.5 inch form factor is the go-to size.

And now for that other category:

  • Love the one-minute mark where he says they worked side-by-side with Apple Cinema Disp—sorry . . . what? He actually said they worked with Microsoft? Well, kick me off a cliff and call me a lemming. I get so confused when my eyes and ears tell me different things.
  • From 2:40–3:20, and this is just a question, why was it necessary for Chis Linnett to tell us how difficult it is for Nokia and Microsoft to work together? How does that raise the consumer’s perception or appreciation for either company? And do you actually have a blink reflex? And . . . theeeeeeeerrrrrrrre it is, at 7:08. Not a robot. Immediately followed by another blink. Now he’s just aiming for the Sir Blinks-A-Lot trophy.
  • It’s odd that “jump right in” means forming a committee to learn how to work together, especially for someone who worked at the other company for 12 years.
  • The neon tiles clash with the body colors that are not black. With such a strong motif like the tiles, it might help to frame it with a simple white, black, or gray for the body.
  • There is a limit to the depth of field focus that can be used without making it look cheesy. And 97% blurry.
  • No, the Lumia 800 is not just a big iPod Mini ’cuz it has slots for stuff.
  • Do we get to see the back of the device? I’m looking for a battery cover.
  • Be warned, Apple: Our antenna will kick your antenna’s butt.
  • I’ve seen more on-screen, reenacted, team collaboration in a movie on solitary confinement. If the narrator says it, show it. Which brings up a thought about that SWAT team . . .