Microsoft Video “Productivity Future Vision”

by jfjudah

This video has been making the rounds lately. A few things struck me as I watched:

Microsoft’s Imagined Future of Productivity

  • All text will be written in Gotham.
  • Only Microsoft can come up with such an abstract title.
  • There is no difference between a tap that selects, records, enters a chat, or backtracks. And no one is confused about this.
  • The giant Microsoft table has been replaced with a giant whiteboard on your desk.
  • There are some really great gadgets going on there. And they look like Apple products.
  • The future is filled with iPad- and iPhone-type devices, down to the details — rounded corners, good and neutral typography, gadget dimensions, etc.
  • There are no 4-inch handheld devices in the future, only 3.5-inch devices exactly like the current Apple products.
  • Interfaces can be created on the fly (1:35).
  • Textured backgrounds are important on flat devices (2:52).
  • You can select or tap in the air surrounding the device, but touching the sides does not register any extraneous input.
  • You can select from the back of a device just as you would on the front.
  • Some of that stuff is cool and even helpful. Now make it. Better yet, make it first and then tell me it’s available.
  • Black is still in. And Minority Report is still awesome.
  • The Microsoft Courier has made its comeback, well, at least into the land of vaporware.
  • Overall, I can’t imagine Microsoft actually doing most of this, if any at all. For goodness’ sake, we still don’t have the Surface, but we’re stuck with the Ribbon.
  • There is little difference between 3D and 2D, even in interaction.
  • The “pause” of holding your hand in a certain position while you wait for your tablet computer to do its thing apparently takes four seconds (4:34–4:37). Whose idea was it to pause the video of the girl so the polar bear can do its thing?
  • Mommy doesn’t wear her wedding ring on business trips.
  • Siri is a main and natural part of our technology interaction.
  • Even with the door of the fridge closed, it still takes forever to decide what to eat.
  • How is my fridge going to be run by Microsoft Office?
  • Did I mention the Gotham typeface? Because that can’t be overstated.