Paula Scher Makes Up With Helvetica? | Typography Commentary | Typographica

by jfjudah

Paula Scher Makes Up With Helvetica? | Typography Commentary | Typographica.

I realize this is an old article, but I thought it worth mentioning that Scher has answered this question several times: She originally designed the HP templates with Gotham, but H& F-J wouldn’t agree to embedding it due to the probability that it would get ripped off; they didn’t want that since it was/is their top-selling typeface. Thus, Helvetica was her choice.

However, that still doesn’t answer: Why not use something else? To my knowledge she has not answered that question sufficiently. She just says it was “the obvious choice” for the requirements. And I can understand that.

Something else strikes me, though. Why have very few gotten upset at Apple’s templates in Pages? Sure, they’re better, but it’s the same theory — democratizing design sans the individualized partnership with the designer. Does the same sentiment exist concerning Apple?

Most will not pay for a designer, but would still like a professional look for their business. And many just can’t afford it now; they may be in the beginning stages, so they teach themselves, and often that starts with studying work that is already well done, such as a template designed by a professional. I’m okay with that for a short season. Hopefully the time will come when they realize they need to progress past that initial and elementary step.