The Path of Least Resistance: Logically Integrating Typekit Into Adobe’s Creative Suite

by jfjudah

Adobe owns an enormous type catalog. They also have the corner on the design market with their Creative Suite. They had a hold on the driving technology behind the web advertising sector through Flash, but that is somewhat dwindling as open technologies are gaining back ground. Not only do they push Adobe Air, but they also acquired PhoneGap which positions them perfectly in the mobile computing market. Now Adobe has added Typekit to their offerings and have announced their pursuit of space in the cloud.

This is great lineup of products and services and I think they can go one step more. As some have requested, it would be awesome to see native Typekit integration in the Creative Suite. Adobe would be ridiculous to not have already had this idea cooking.

So why not just acquire Typecast as well? Typecast is a perfect tie-in to Typekit, it works as a web application, and, when incorporated into the Creative Suite, would answer the designer’s request for a native way to design for the web in programs they’re already familiar with. Plus, Typecast is using Adelle in the bold weight by TypeTogether, which just makes everything better. (Notice the lowercase y in “typecast” looks shorter than the lowercase p. When a curved descender is modified, such as they did with the y, the curve needs to come below any straight descenders so they look even. Great thought for the modification, but it needs that one more tweak.)

Adobe, let me know when to expect the finder’s fee.