8 Faces Magazine and Prints

by jfjudah

The third installment of 8 Faces Magazine is here and ready to purchase! At only a couple dollars, it’s a great deal.

Elliot Jay Stocks came up with this brilliant idea a little while ago, and it has been an absolute hit. The first version had a simple cover, with the negative space of the 8 used as a frame for the interviewees. Edition the second had a classy black background and little builders putting it all together; a very 1930s–40s rebuilding and reconstruction theme with obvious relevance now. The cover didn’t bowl me over, and with a few punctuation and spelling errors in both editions, it stung a little. You probably didn’t even notice, which is good, but I’ve got that perfectionist side to me that’s more metaphysical compulsion than nervous tic. [Mr. Stocks, I would like to offer my services. I promise I won’t let you down.]

Cover, 8 Faces, Vol. 3

I remember the day I got mine. My wife sent me a picture of the cover — after she had opened the perfectly-sized box. After. What is the world coming to when a man can’t open his own collector’s magazine‽ I asked her, nicely, to tape it back up. Now, with a throwback to classic cartoons, this third cover puts the art in art. I can’t wait to get my copy. And now my wife knows to keep her hands off. Nicely.

But I bet you do the same thing I do — flip to the brightly colored pages of each person’s eight choices. What secrets do they know that I don’t? What made it onto their desert island list? What would I have suspected them to choose? Were there any surprises or disappointments?

I gotta say that FF Unit was a spectacular text choice. It reads easily, is economical in size, and still feels friendly and authoritative. So why isn’t it being used on the website? Great question, and no, I have no idea. FF Meta Serif works great on the site, I just would have defaulted to keeping the typefaces the same throughout so the branding is more aligned.

I wish I would have come up with this idea. The design is top-notch, the interviews are filled with inspiration and advice, and the eight choices are always gems. Heck, even the ads are done well and obviously placed.